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entrapta and hordak moments

Add a photo to this gallery. Hordak's anger at Horde Prime. Season 5. Add a photo to this gallery. The relationship between Entrapta and Hordak is one of the sweeter pieces of her character, too, allowing her to be the open one for once. 1 year ago. Ask!! The reawakened Hordak turns against Horde Prime to protect Entrapta, but Prime takes control of Hordak's body and decides to use the Heart to destroy Etheria in a suicidal final act. In the last moments of the show, the couple are happily reunited after She-Ra saves Hordak from Horde Prime's control. Almost always reblogs, sometimes screenshots, own gifts. When he asks for Entrapta (who, just moments earlier, Catra had incapacitated), Catra lies and claims that Entrapta was the one who let the Princesses into the Fright Zone. It was positive growth for both characters. Catra vs Hordak. Hordak out of his armor. Entrapta explains her plans to Hordak. Also, sharing my art (specially reblogs from my main blog). Hordak disbelieves it, but Catra tries to persuade him over the muffled cries of Adora. With Catra escaping alongside Hordak and Entrapta seemingly condemned to Beast Island, it's likely that her perceived betrayal of Hordak will play another role sometime in the future of the series. Add a photo to this gallery . And then this moment, the scene of the Throne!!…. Entrapta catches Hordak. Entrapta has always been a wonderful representative of embracing one’s quirks and uniqueness, and this moment from Season Three is no different. Hordak snapping an arrow shot at him. Season 3. Hordak listening to Entrapta… Well I was rewatching the show, season 1, seeking moments about IMP, and that first moment that Hordak listened to the voice of Entrapta was by IMP (as a recording ) captured more my attention Episode 12, season 1 . This devastates Hordak, and he tries to refuse it, but ultimately he agreed with Catra to open the portal without Entrapta. Imp. What I love is that the writers are setting Entrapa on a VERY complicated journey. Not only did Entrapta encourage viewers to love themselves and all their perceived flaws, but she brought out a side of Hordak we never thought we would see in the show. Season 4. Hordak calls for Entrapta, but Catra lies, saying that Entrapta allowed the Princesses in and betrayed them. Entrapta x Hordak Oh yeah another special blog for Entrapdak or Hordapta fans . 9 What Will Happen To Hordak And Entrapta? Briefly hinted at in season two and winning the hearts of fans in season three, traitor to the rebellion Entrapta and villain Hordak's relationship is an unlikely favorite among many of the show's fans and creators alike. Catra takes charge. Is this really OK? They are interrupted by the arrival of Glimmer, Bow, and Shadow Weaver, so Catra screams to pull the switch even as Shadow Weaver effortlessly swats Catra aside with a blast of dark magic. Hordak remembers discovering baby Adora.

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