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law and digital technologies

In any conversation on the future of the legal profession, there must be real consideration of the role that technology takes to shape and enhance that future. There is a growing need for lawyers with firm knowledge and understanding of the workings of these tools and their impact on the law. Tech and Law Center is an interdisciplinary center promoted by a research group composed of members from Università di Milano, Università di Milano–Bicocca, Università dell’Insubria and Politecnico di Milano. examines the legislation and governance regarding internet, computers, mobile devices, persuasive technologies and ambient intelligence. The use of artificial intelligence and facial recognition programs may lead communities to lose trust in law enforcement, human rights experts say. The panel’s warnings add to deepening alarm among human rights bodies over the largely unregulated use of artificial intelligence across a widening spectrum of government, from social welfare delivery to “digital borders” controlling immigration. The Faculty of Business, Law and Digital Technologies comprises of the University of Winchester Business School (which manages our Business, Law and Finance related programmes) and the Department of Digital Technologies. Digital Technology and the Law Introduction. The relationship between law and technology forms two distinct areas for discussion and debate, but both are intertwined and no discussion is complete without acknowledging the other. Multidisciplinary learning: You will develop expertise on the law and governance of the internet and digital technologies, focusing on regulatory theory (internet governance and techno-regulation) as well as national and international law (hard law, soft law and case law). Do you have a question about studying at Leiden University or student life in Leiden? Next up for discussion: the field of law. Are you interested in learning more about complex legal and regulatory issues related to the development and convergence of digital technologies? “This includes public disclosure of the use of such systems and explanations of how the systems work, what data sets are being used and what measures preventing human rights harms are in place,” the group said. “Machines can be wrong,” she added in a phone interview. Governments need an abrupt change of direction to avoid “stumbling zombielike into a digital welfare dystopia,” Philip G. Alston, a human rights expert reporting on poverty, told the United Nations General Assembly last year, in a report calling for the regulation of digital technologies, including artificial intelligence, to ensure compliance with human rights. reasons to study Law and Digital Technologies, entry requirements for Law and Digital Technologies,, Sign up to receive our monthly newsletter. GENEVA — Police departments across the United States have been drawn to the use of digital technology for surveillance and predicting crime on the theory that it will make law enforcement more accurate, efficient and effective. Mail Patricia Garcia-Fernández, our programme coordinator. That law requires the New York Police Department to publish an annual account of the technologies it uses. This website uses cookies. April 14, 2016 Emily Janosko Thirty … even 15 years ago, no one could have anticipated that a person could get into hot water or even legal jeopardy if he or she tweeted 160 characters of vitriolic or insensitive prose. Are you interested in learning more about complex legal and regulatory issues related to the development and convergence of digital technologies? The alarming reality, United Nations human rights experts warned on Thursday, is that they risk reinforcing racial bias and abuse. Now Institute. i don't know whether you are interested in technology law or data protection law. “They have been proven to be wrong, so we are deeply concerned about the discriminatory outcome of algorithmic profiling in law enforcement.”. The private companies that play an increasingly dominant role in social welfare delivery, he noted, “operate in a virtually human-rights-free zone.”, Last month, the U.N. expert monitoring contemporary forms of racism flagged concerns that “governments and nonstate actors are developing and deploying emerging digital technologies in ways that are uniquely experimental, dangerous, and discriminatory in the border and immigration enforcement context.”.

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