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loquat tree zone 7

I know I could do a lot more with it, but I'm trying hard to stay away from all this new technology, too time wasting. When my aunt married & moved out, I inherited her room, and was so happy with that I wouldn't have dreamed of even asking for it to be redecorated for me! I know I am pushing it but I grew a few of them in my 5 zone garden in Michigan. Thank you for this! So the usda zones have warmed us all up. How would a bench look beneath mine? I wish that Houzz allowed up to reply to specific posts, and then have a link from the response back to the original post .. Go get 'cha one! I live between zone 8a and 7b in NC. EZ - my house isn't as big as it's 3 bedrooms with 1 1/2 baths... We're in one of the less ritzy suburbs so lovely old homes are affordable in this area. !ZONE 6, I am in zone 88a and my tree is beautiful. In Asia the fruit is so prized that it is often covered by a protective bag to prevent sunburn and eliminate bird damage. If I could move the garden shed about 10’, I would. I wanted to take some to our NC Mountain home (zone 6a) but had given up after reading the conventional wisdom. I miss very much this tree because makes me remember my childhood in Argentina, I ate a lot lot of loquat fruit… Please help me. In the more protected location, the tree is very healthy and large. You are welcome Haley! I'm hoping this will be the one that actually grows for me. I really want one of these, but I think of them as being more of a tropical. ( Log Out /  If periods of over five days without rain occur during the tree's first three years, water the tree once a week during the drought. I'm going to try loquats for the first time this yr also. Well, I might do that. Ornamental as well as practical, loquat trees make excellent lawn specimen trees, with whirls of glossy foliage and a naturally attractive shape. This fruit is one of my favorites! Particular area of town can see lows in the mid/lower 20s more often ( though not yearly ) than surrounding areas. iPhones do take great photos, I have a friend who is a pro photographer and he is amazed at some photos he has seen and it takes a lot to impress him. Well, close enough, I thought as I planted it as a specimen in the center of the yard overlooking the river. Learn more about growing and caring for a loquat tree to see if this interesting addition would make a suitable option for you. Source: Shandrew With an average top height of 30 feet, it can become a sizeable evergreen tree. They don't fruit if temps drop below 20º. Here's how to relax and enjoy it in an entirely new way, Treat your interiors to a pick-me-up with these quick and cheerful decorating tricks, The Cure for Houzz Envy: Mudroom Touches Anyone Can Do, The Cure for Houzz Envy: Master Bedroom Touches Anyone Can Do, The Cure for Houzz Envy: Guest Room Touches Anyone Can Do, The Cure for Houzz Envy: Home Office Touches Anyone Can Do, The Cure for Houzz Envy: Closet Touches Anyone Can Do, 7 Great Trees for Summer Shade and Fall Color, 7 Reasons to Give Your Bath Zone a Living Room Vibe, Try Slow Gardening for Some Unexpected Benefits. Searched eucalyptus 'neglecta' since it was mentioned, now I gotta have one of those too ! And of course… there’s global warming. Also, I wasn't aware that we could have ginger here either...I lived in FL for the last 10 years so I miss all the gingers.You guys are giving me the confidence to at least try a loquat! I’m in New Hampshire now and I left my loquat tree behind in Virginia. LOVED your visit to Villandry. But when I got back from the sale and was looking up more info on it, thats when I discovered that it was an alpinia. Gloucester is zone 7. And someday I must tell Michael Dirr that, with a little protection, the loquat thrives in zone 7. Ann Hohenberger, The Garden Club of Gloucester. I really want one of these, but I think of them as being more of a tropical. The leaves are alternate, simple, evergreen, and oftentimes whorled at the branch tips. Thanks for the info that my zone 7 loquat will never come to fruit outdoors. It is about 15 feet tall and never looses its leaves. Loquat tree with fruit. Christmas loquat tree ripens it’s fruit very early in the season most years, therefore escaping most of the hard January and February freezes. Some might describe it as a cross between a sweet plum and a kumquat or citrusy flavor. A subtropical native of China, the loquat tree (Eriobotrya japonica) works well as an ornamental tree in the home landscape. Can't say whether they have them this year though. To my surprise, this insignificant twig thrived in its new home on the corner of the garden shed under the protection of loblolly and white pines. Caring for a loquat tree properly begins with its planting. I received one from a friend who has several on his property that are massive. Alas, mine did not fruit. Like you, I love these plants and would welcome something “different “ yet familiar in our landscaping. It was just such a beautiful plant that I got sucked into buying it without knowing exactly where to put it! They will get a bit frosted back when below 15 but recover well. telly2, in the past I've purchased eucalyptus 'neglecta' at Oak Street Garden Shop in Mountain Brook, and at Hannah's Garden Shop out on Hwy 280 east. As terramadre said, they won't fruit this far north, but the fragrance in late fall is out-of-this-world! Although I mulched it well each fall, it died back completely to the ground for the next three winters. Perhaps planting another would encourage fruiting? Well… your tree might just surprise you with fruit as zones grow warmer. john trussville - I also picked up one of the variegated pinstripe ginger at the sale (along with a PeeWee oakleaf hydrangea, variegated sedum, Japanese forest grass, rain lily...:D). Each year I carefully trim up the pines to accommodate the loquat and trim enough branches of the loquat to squeeze by with my wheelbarrow on the way to the compost. The original owner of this house was a widower who hired a nanny to look after the children after his wife died when the children were quite young (childbirth perhaps?). In checking what Michael Dirr had to say, I discovered the plant is prized for its lustrous foliage, its 12” heavily textured leaves, its drought tolerance, its fragrant and profuse blooms in the fall and unusual fruit in the spring.

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