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majora's mask fan remake

Now, a cool idea would be for an HD remake to arrive in the eShop a good time after Zelda U. In an interview as recent as October of last year, Eiji Aonuma confirmed that the HD remake of Wind Waker only took the company six months to produce. I asked him why, and he said it fell under ‘gibberish’. Really? PHANTOM HOURGLASS should be remade on the Wii U since it is the direct sequel to Wind Waker which was remade on Wii U. (Sorry for my wet dreams, but I had to say it. They just won’t let us love it. When I say “remake,” I refer to things like Conker’s Bad Fur Day vs. Conker’s Bad Fur Day Reloaded. -I do not expect more remakes of Zelda for 3DS. I like exploration Zelda! Not a direct time-line based sequel (so no OoT 3), but more of a return of Majoras mask as the main antagonist – what would happen if Vaati or Ganondorf would get hold of the mask? Plus, The Wii U has 2 more upcoming Zelda games on the console whereas the 3DS only has 2. When I explained to her my situation she told me that was absurd and that they could take care of that for me no problem. I’m all for additional content, but I think the regions needs to stay the same. PHANTOM HOURGLASS should be remade on the Wii U since it is the direct sequel to Wind Waker which was remade on Wii U. Alright, let’s crush expectations right now. I would only buy a remake on the Wii U if Ocarina was also included. Isn’t Link Between Worlds its own new kind of thing? True, but they all have enough to be envious of. We have Ocarina and ALBW. If I wanted to play majoras mask.. i’d play it on my n64. In addition, an eshop monthly subscription is a must now. And I do… quite a lot, actually! Four more dungeons and a couple more areas would be nice. My inbox proves it. I just hope they take that stupid Day count off there otherwise for me the game will be trash. Work on a new game? A Link Between Worlds contained clues to the remake, that game was on the 3DS. you can play the game on your wii u as it is now. Why indeed? We already have Wind Waker. He didn’t know. hell no! Yes, absolutely. Then I made a huge rage post explained that using the word emulation is not synonymous with downloading ROMs, especially as my post makes clear I’m talking about the emulator used by nintendo on the wii U… I also asked people to report this so – and I quote ‘the intellectually-challenged mods” could learn something. Majora’s Mask belongs on the 3DS. But considering we’ve already seen Wind Waker HD and Ocarina of Time, another remake on Zelda is just adding to the pile. Now why would they ask us to do that?”. It’s as if they released Earthbound just so we have a reason to come back and see how shitty it all still is. I liked but didn’t love WW and MM at the time but TP and SS seemed to do away with so much of the living breathing worlds that WW, OoT and MM did so well. If you can get to phd level in maths, chemistry or physics, you’ll be able to get most jobs in existence, especially programming. A few weeks ago I was watching a television show with the Wii U Gamepad on Tvii. They used the same engine, didn’t they?, he always looked kinda i dont know like shy or the quiet one in your class secretly going to kill you while you walk home o_o, OMG IF THEY EVER MAKE HD MAJORAS MASK SYSTEM WILL SELL LIKE HOT CAKES, If they are going to announce a Majora’s Mask remake it won’t release until next year at the earliest. We know Nintendo is fond of giving the HD treatment to older Zelda titles, as both Ocarina of Time and Wind Waker HD have gotten the remake treatment. , Oh my bad, I thought you only had 3 in game days to beat it haha. (haha great initials). Then again, I wouldn’t mind it being a direct sequel with an HD MM attached. It’s time to just let it all out Nintendo, enough with the wait. A remake would be nice, but I think I’d prefer a sequel on Wii U, complete with transformations, a dark story, and maybe have the three day cycle return or something similar to it. Were people in suits checking protocol, talking to bosses, telling their wives they might have to stay late? New concepts, new ideas, and yet maintaining a sense of exploration. My post was deleted. come on only 6months dev time you would be insane to pass on that, just use another team to do the remakes makes sense considering how much wwhd sold. Going by the current trend. What if It’s not a Majoras mask remake there teasing but Zelda U is a Majora’s mask squeal? Oh yes! I think they have to make a bigger one now. I remember Aonuma clearly saying in a press event to a question about a Majora’s mask remake that if we played a Link Between Worlds, we would receive an answer to our question. Best scenario is a new game revolving around Majora’s Mask instead of a remake of course. But I would like something a bit more than just a remake. Not to mention some idiot Miiverse users (like this ‘Sam’ character) reporting and attempting to ban anyone who complains about it and blocking anyone who calls him out for it… Defend much? It’s a sequal to Ocarina of Time which is also on the 3DS, does it not make sense to put it on the 3DS? The woman who answered was very nice and understanding. More than a remake i would like to see a succesor…something bigger. He finally came back on the line just to tell me that he was really sorry that I had to wait so long, and that I would just have to wait a bit longer. This would make me stop bashing the Wii U. Going by the current trend. -I read a rumour (deemed as bullshit in the NeoGAF forums, all must be said), that the new Zelda WiiU is darker in tone and has a feeling like a spiritual successor to the WiiU. I really hope they won’t do a remake – Wii U might end up with more remakes than original games…. I agree. While Majora’s Mask being the sequel to Ocarina of Time should be remade on the 3DS just as OoT was. Then it will release around maybe July. They make remakes for those who weren’t yet born at the time the n64 was around or were to little to buy and play these games so the remakes will attract new audience of gamers and also those who at that time skipped the n64 to play some other games on other consoles as soon as you realize that you are not alone in this world the better. Can they just at the very least start bringing N64 games to the Virtual Console!? Majora’s mask is a great game, It’s a bit harder than other 3D Zelda games In my opinion though. -Majoras Mask 3DS Seeing as it’s only a matter of time before Nintendo starts releasing N64 games on the eShop along with everything else, it’s not like we’ll never get the chance to play MM on the gamepad. At the very least, putting OOT and MM on the Wii U VC would be a nice gesture for Miiverse integration, screenshot posting to social media, etc. She understood. It’ll most likely be on the 3ds, which doesn’t really need the help. The PREQUEL to Majora’s Mask- Ocarina of Time was remade on the 3DS. I’d love a game that continues on the Hero shade’s story. It’s kind of a ghost town on there. would never happen! EDIT: I do not mean that ALBW is a remake, but I mean we already have 2 zelda games in the 3DS. The assets needed to make a 3DS version have already been created with OoT3D, so it would be a simple task to make it and wouldn’t take up nearly as much of Nintendo’s resources. If we get a new Zelda 2015, I’m okay with them giving us a few remakes. I demand a majoras mask sequel! That’s right, a code of conduct violation. The console needs a new Zelda & NOW. If I wanna play Majora’s Mask I will play it on my N64, I want a NEW Zelda game for your NEW console. It’s better to do it than not to do it. Just to recap here: The moderator asked a question that called for a number. there’s a reason for the amount of dungeons…. I wasn’t talking about its performance, but more in the lines of quality content and features. So, I have a code of conduct violation attached to my account. Is it too obvious that a bunch of people who just played through A Link Between Worlds might really enjoy A Link to the Past right now? Check out this question from the most recent issue of Game Informer magazine, where A Link Between Worlds designer Hiromasa Shikata discusses the game: GI: “We found Majora’s Mask and another subtle reference to Link’s Nintendo 64 adventure in Ravio’s Journal. How about the new zelda is the sequel of majoras mask, ANOTHER remake? Majora’s Mask is my favourite game. It was clear that he wasn’t going to admit that their system had made a mistake, and so he was going to make up whatever he could think of to warrant the decision. This author needs to seriously stop writing., Majora’s Mask belongs on the 3DS with Ocarina of Time. So a better result for me. I hope to see a comeback from nintendo soon. i also never played WW until the now so it was a new expierence for me, im so down for a HD Majora.

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