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pheasants for sale

Each bird is shipped in an individual compartment so no injuiries are inflicted by other birds. We ship day old pheasants throughout the U.S. and Canada, exporting to Europe and the Middle East as well. This is mature 3 years old pair. PHEASANTS . Our adult pheasants and partridges are delivered to customers throughout the U.S. and Canada. Ornamental Pheasants for sale. Exotic Pheasants and Exotic Doves Pheasants -adults- :1 pair Splash Cinnamon Golden $300.00 , 1 pair Peach Golden $325, 1 pairGhigii Yellow Goldens... Tampa Florida Pets and Animals 300 $ View pictures. Thanks for signing up! | Your IP Address: We have several different varieties of pheasants available for sale. View Details. Males are brightly colored with yellow crown and lower back. Search results for "exotic pheasants" for sale in the USA, All categories. At MacFarlane Pheasants, Inc. we are committed to producing a consistent quality product. Cackle Hatchery® offers for sale a baby chick package of assorted pheasants or some call it an ornamental pheasant deal. Shop For Pheasants at Stromberg's! Reeves Male. We host a bi-annual seminar where we share our knowledge of operating our pheasant farm with our community. From the spectacular Red Gold Pheasant to the cold-loving Eared Pheasants there are almost endless species, color mutations and variations of pheasants. Now you will be in the know! The males are entirely dark with a glossy green and blue shade to them. My Cart: 0 item(s) Your Shopping Cart Is Empty. Although our hatchery and the subsequent shipping of hundreds of thousands of day old pheasants and chukars is a major part of our business, Oakwood also raises approximately 75,000 pheasants and 30,000 chukar partridge to maturity each year. Raising & Selling Ducks, Swans, Pheasants & more . We have been working for nearly 2 decades to breed pheasants to match the legendary pheasants found in the Mid-West during the 1950-1970's. Price $200.00. White Crested Kalij. Our support team supplies service with every sale of partridge and pheasant chicks. Website: N/A. Your message was sent. Cackle Hatchery® offers for sale a baby chick package of assorted pheasants or some call it an ornamental pheasant deal. Pheasant Assortments. Brilliant red crest and rear with bright red breast and belly are the attractions of the golden pheasants. |. The Chukar / Redleg Partridge is a small, flighty bird, known for their ability to fly. Pheasants for sale from Mallard Lane Farms Here at Mallard Lane Farms we keep the Lady Amherst and Golden Pheasant. | Privacy Policy The female is a light brown with varied darker patterns on the whole of her body. MTM Pheasants raises only the highest quality birds in well-maintained pens. … Tragopans. 888.573.8004. Partridges, and have imported pheasants from the Chinese wild and have retained this wild stock bloodline in our some of our birds. The first ship date for everything in your cart is. Red Golden Pheasant (full colored) Female is cinnamon. Our chicks are known for their quality genetics and great livability. Red Golden Pheasant - Full Color - M/F Pair, Yellow Golden Pheasant - Juvenile - M/F Pair, Yellow Golden Pheasant - Full Color - M/F Pair, All Natural Murray's Best Chicken Suds and Conditioner, Exhibiting Poultry For Pleasure And Profit, Storey's Illustrated Guide To Poultry Breeds, DIY Suet Blocks for Poultry | High Protein Treats for Molting Season, McMurray Hatchery 2021 Customer Photo Winners, Round One, How to Preserve Eggs Long-term with These 4 Methods, McMurray Hatchery Customers Round-Up to Support 4-H. Quick View. Our years of experience not only helps us in our work to produce and raise the best birds on the market, it also allows us to supply our customers with the best service after sale. As chicks, the pheasants are kept in brooder barns until they are six weeks old when they get moved to our 180 acres of netted “covered pens”.

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