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primary school teaching online courses

Our online microcredentials are designed to upskill you for work in rapidly-growing industries, without the time and cost commitment of a full degree. This training programme includes the main theory of Montessori, as well as the importance of the emotional and relational elements, which are essential to reach excellence in Many of our programs require just 2-5 hours of study each week, but it’s up to you when you dedicate that time. +. 1 Microcredential. They can be used as an independent certification, and some even offer academic credit to use towards a degree. Learn new skills, pursue your interests or advance your career with our short online courses. Enrolling in an online course is a fantastic way to invest in your education without the commitment and inconvenience that an on-campus class may demand. Develop your knowledge of chemistry to support your pupils' learning as part of the primary science curriculum. An online course gives you access to the class you want to take through a web-based classroom environment. Develop skills to design inclusive teaching, learning and assessment activities that enhance student mental health and wellbeing. Hibernia College is a nationally recognised leader in teacher education. Learn how to give pupil feedback through formative assessment that supports student learning without increasing your workload. A teaching course will not only give you methods to run a positive and productive classroom, you'll also gain expertise in such areas as: Subject teaching, for example, maths, health, or performing arts. Discover how to improve your teaching strategies and classroom management as you start your career as a teacher. If you aspire to be a teacher, this class is typically a prerequisite for your career goals, but it can also provide skills that lead to other educational positions, such as administrator, curriculum development specialist, teaching supervisor or educational consultant. Teachers in primary education help children master core skills such as literacy and numeracy, as well as helping to support, guide and inspire. Explore current issues and emerging trends in the field. Improve your teaching by developing how you provide differentiated learning opportunities for all your students. Leadership skills. Join millions of people from around the world learning together. Register. The discount does not work in conjunction with other discounts and does not work retroactively, Discover the options our scholarship can give you, Instituto Universitario de Investigación Ortega y Gasset. more info Try it for free. Online learning is as easy and natural as chatting with a group of friends. It is suitable for teachers who don't feel confident speaking Irish and who wish, therefore, to develop their skills in the language. Analysing and challenging school curriculum. Carry on browsing if you're happy with this, or read our cookies policy for more information. This benefits aspiring teachers, but it also serves any student who seeks to develop leadership skills. An online course in teaching is an introductory class that acquaints students with the pedagogical context for the practices and principles that inform teaching. There are a variety of factors used to calculate the cost of enrolling in such a course. Included in Unlimited. This class may cover the role and responsibility of a teacher as well as the activities and classroom interactions that make for successful teaching. 2 hrs per week . Each microcredential also includes a formal online assessment. Educational theory and its practical application will likely be explored through case studies and critical analyses. They may also work duties in addition to classroom work, such as monitoring school sports and activities, in school libraries, on field trips, etc. From this coursework, students should develop their own teaching philosophy and foundation for lesson plans. Understand learners, policy and practise with this continuing professional development course for English language teachers. Learn how to create lessons plans based on Asian maths teaching methods, and develop your maths teaching practice. Investigate a range of pedagogical approaches suitable for teaching programming to primary school pupils (aged 5 to 11 years old). Bring powerful digital learning into your professional practice. Enrolling in an online course in teaching is easy once you find the right school. Explore latest primary education research and grow your teaching skills with online primary education teaching courses. The course Digital skills for the classroom - online is intended for teachers of Primary, Secondary, Baccalaureate, Professional Training and Official Language Schools who wish to develop their digital teaching competence. +. Explore 21st-century skills, ICT and multilingual approaches with this English language teaching professional development course. Vilafant , Spain +3 More, Netherlands Online , Netherlands, Milton Keynes , United Kingdom +1 More, London , United Kingdom +1 More, Norwich , United Kingdom +1 More, Exeter , United Kingdom +1 More, Warwick , United Kingdom +1 More, London , United Kingdom, {{ tt('website__program_pages__new_num_programs_found').replace('{num}', num_programs) }}. This course is aimed at primary school teachers who are teaching junior and/or senior infants. This course is developed in partnership with Microsoft as part of the Microsoft K-12 Education Leadership initiative, which aims to help K-12 school leaders drive the pursuit of ambitious instruction in classrooms. Read more. +, Want to explore ambitious teaching and how collaboration between students and teachers can lead to deeper learning and the development of 21st-century skills? Practical Irish for Primary School Teachers - 1st and 2nd Class - 2020 / 2021 School year . Educational theory and its practical application will likely be explored through case studies and critical analyses. Learn how to use virtual scenarios to help people practice their decision making and prepare for real-world challenges. It sets an overview of the Montessori working areas, in which the Montessori philosophy and the practical work are perfectly integrated; thus ensuring the acquisition and understanding of all necessary tools to apply Montessori Education.

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