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sea eagle scotland where to see

Just north of the park, between Aviemore and Inverness, the Findhorn Valley is also a hot spot. Golden eagles are notoriously elusive, and that's what makes them a thrilling UK wildlife sighting. Believe it or not, it is possible to see both golden and white-tailed eagles from virtually any public road on the Isle of Skye. Known as ‘eagle island’, the Inner Hebridean island of Mull has recently developed a major tourist industry around its breeding sea eagles, with dedicated tours and watch-points. Here's a golden eagle in all its glory (Shutterstock), Here's the white-tailed sea eagle mid-flight (Shutterstock). (Shutterstock). So where can you see this impressive bird, and how would you recognise it? You might have to work for it, though. Inland you get mainly Golden Eagles and the occasional wandering immature Sea Eagle. The mountainous coastline of Wester Ross in the north-west highlands offers unbeatable scenic backdrops for a golden eagle sighting. Findhorn Valley in winter, near Cairngorms National Park, Scotland (Shutterstock). Early spring, when the birds are displaying, is a good time to go searching. ©JPIMedia Publishing Ltd. All rights reserved. This even larger species was reintroduced in the 1970s and now breeds in small numbers around the coast. A view of Ben More from the Isle of Mull, Scotland. One warning: beware confusing the golden eagle with the white-tailed eagle (or sea eagle). Mull – the second largest island of the Inner Hebrides – is home to some outstanding birds of prey, including eagles. Our guide on the sea eagle includes how to identify, where to see and interesting facts about the species The reintroduction of sea eagles in the UK. Sea eagles are spotted daily in the skies above Glenelg on the west coast. Most of the Cairngorm mountains have been declared as areas of European importance for the golden eagle, and there are conservations projects underway to encourage the birds to breed and stay there. This is wild, rugged country and the birds hold enormous breeding territories – 200km2 or more. This even larger species was reintroduced in the 1970s and now breeds in small numbers around the coast. Nest sites are kept secret – eagles have suffered centuries of persecution – and you should be prepared for a hike, as golden eagles inhabit remote terrain and wander vast distances. Don’t confuse them with buzzards, known locally as ‘tourist eagles’. Be patient, and keep your fingers crossed that you will spot eagles flying over the crests of the surrounding hills. Once native and widespread in the British Isles, these massive top predators were hunted to extinction in Britain and Ireland by the early 20th century. The edge of the Oa Peninsula on the Isle of Islay, Scotland (Shutterstock). Here on Mull, you will often see the White Tailed Sea Eagle and Golden Eagle together; then it is easy to tell them apart. The best spot for sightings is around the Oa Peninsula on the island’s southern tip. You can see plenty of golden and sea eagles in Scotland - if you know where to look for them. Organised boat tours also leave from Portree Harbour regularly, and allow birdwatchers to see sea eagles and take some great photos without disturbing them in their nesting territories. A view of South Uist Hill, Outer Hebrides, Scotland (Shutterstock). and never miss out again. Stunning photos of the world's most beautiful eagles, Incredible birdwatching experiences around the world. If you see an Eagle on the coast between Aberdeen and Edinburgh, I am 99% confident it will be a Sea Eagle from the release project in Fife.

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