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why do we study company law

An Easy Approach to Company and Compensation Laws by Prof. … Business Law and Business Law Attorney Business law is a body of the law that mainly focuses on the legal and proper configuration within with the business and the organization operates. Business Law is a subject that business and commerce students study in their course. Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) There is a good prospect for PhD after the legal education. Anyone can benefit from learning more about this field. Integrated MBL-LLM/ MBA-LLM – 3years; One who wishes to do the integrated course … This allows the company’s executive team to make informed decisions regarding the company’s budget, cost and Contract law is also covered, which can be important to understanding the complex interactions between individuals under the law and the rights that buyers and sellers can exercise. You don't have to be an entrepreneur to study business. This can often arise from or be stimulated by life experience – for example, someone who has seen and experienced injustice first-hand may be committed to spending … Why study Law? Most of the highly reputed autonomous institution provides the PhD programmes. Nor are subscribers as members liable, in any shares of … “The company is at law a different person altogether from the subscribers to the Memorandum and although it may be that after incorporation the business is precisely the same as it was before, and the same persons are managers, and the same hands receive the profits, the company is not in law the agent of the subscribers or the trustees for them. Additionally, … Accounts Audit & Auditors Under the New Companies Act, 2013 by Kamal Garg. A Ramaiya Board of Directors – Providing Guidance under the Companies Act 2013 and Allied Legislations by Savithri Parekh. Technology's influence on business and financial transactions are covered by business law as well as the rights of privacy regarding computers in the workplace. It is important to always remember there are legal dimensions to business and they, like the financial or IT functions, need to be managed. Here we have listed some popular books to study corporate law: A Handbook on Corporate and Allied Laws by Munish Bhandari. Concepts like employment and property rights fall under … If you're an artist, business studies can teach you the skills needed to sell your work and make a name for yourself. Management accountant What do they do? An accountant who takes business courses will gain a competitive edge in the job market and stay on top of the latest laws and regulations. They … A management accountant specialises in analysing financial information and providing reports to their organisations executive team. The goal of studying an online business law Masters is not to train to become a lawyer, but to equip yourself with the skills to know when to call a lawyer, as well as the confidence to engage expert counsel in deciding how to proceed with a particular course of action. Many students come to study Law, knowing absolutely that they want to work in the Law sector – these students don’t usually require convincing or persuasion, and may have had a long-time passion for and interest in Law. Master of Business Law; The MBL is the master degree in legal education with the specialization in business law having one or two-year duration. Why Study Business? Because they are not the students of Law therefore a question may arise in the mind of a student “Why I am studying business law?” but the answer is quite reasonable that a business student has to run some business in future, either his own or he may be a manager in some business owned by other individuals.

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