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zedruu chaos edh

Chaos Chaos Chaos: cmm 106 tix $ 137 - Zedruu giveth and Zedruu takuth away Zedruu giveth and Zedruu takuth away Zedruu giveth and Zedruu takuth away: miniig88 62 tix $ 230 - Easy Cheezy Greasy Easy Cheezy Greasy Easy Cheezy Greasy: BenTheTenor 32 tix $ 102 - Zedruu Stax EDH Zedruu Stax EDH Zedruu Stax EDH: xThat_One_Guy42x 124 tix $ 567 - It has a bit of an enchantment theme, and I'm hoping to eventually get some of the more powerful enchantment support (Replenish and the like). 1 Zedruu the Greathearted 1 Creatures Other Spells: 1 Braid of Fire 1 Burning Sands 1 Confusion in the Ranks 1 Grip of Chaos 1 Impending Disaster 1 Mana Cache 1 Manabarbs 1 Planeswalker's Fury 1 Price of Glory 1 Risky Move 1 Stand or Fall 1 Stranglehold 1 Tectonic Instability 1 Uphill Battle 1 War's Toll 1 Wild Evocation Visual … 78.07 tix 6 Mythic, 46 Rare, 23 Uncommon, 13 Common. My main goal in creating the deck was to cause as much chaos as possible, however with the few times I've played it here are the things I've come to realize: my win cons are hard to achieve, I need better protection for Zedruu, I need more ways to donate things, and I need more protection in general. (100 cards, 94 distinct) - Smothering Tithe, Time Warp, Gamble, Illusions of Grandeur, Mana Flare, Narset Transcendent, Solitary Confinement Zedruu has won many games of edh in many remarkable ways, but casting individual spells and letting them act as a win condition alone is an incredibly rare outcome. YouTube: Kendra Smith. Kendra Smith Twitter: @TheMaverickGal. Browse > Commander / Zedruu the Greathearted / Chaos EDH Chaos EDH by fufr Report Deck Name $ 510.46. Zedruu lets you play terrible cards, give them away to your opponents, and the draw tons of cards to replace them. Format: Commander User Submitted Deck Deck Date: Aug 11, 2017 Archetype: Zedruu the Greathearted. It is the will of Zedruu. Most if not all of the cards are near mint or at least very close to it. This is an updated version of my old Zedruu deck. So here is my layout for Zedruu. (101 cards, 79 distinct) - Rhystic Study, Alhammarret's Archive, Homeward Path, Copy Enchantment, Illusions of Grandeur, Insurrection, Aetherflux Reservoir Instill a little anarchy at your next EDH pod. Either way, someone's going to walk away happy while you get to revel in the chaos. Twitch: ***Custom Commander Deck*** Zedruu - Unwanted Gifts Chaos - EDH MTG Magic Cards | eBay

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